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Ema Syarina Shaharani

Ema, our CEO & Principal, has been serving Rumah Aman Children's home since its inception in 2005.

Upon graduation from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) with a in Bachelor of Public Management in 2004, she began her career at Rumah Aman as a tutor. Together with the founders, Mr. Abdul Rehman Dakri, Mrs. Mehrunessa Dakri and a few other staff, they were responsible for the care of 30 children in Shah Alam at the time.

After years of service, as a tutor, then an administrative staff, to the Home Executive Secretary; her vast experience, skills, competencies, passion and commitment to continuously improve the foundation's operation made her a great fit as the Principal of Rumah Aman. She was appointed as the Principal of Rumah Aman in mid-2019.

Throughout her massive 15 years experience in dealing with children, she has witnessed many cases involving children abandonment, negligence, trafficking and many other serious child related cases as well. 

It has been a long journey and an endless battle. However, it has helped to provide her with lessons on humanity and growth as a person.

Responsibilities at Rumah Aman

Ema is responsible to develop an in depth understanding of each part of the foundation's operation. She provides assistance and support to the Directors in problem solving, project planning and management. She is also highly involved in the development and execution of Rumah Aman's goals and objectives. A part of this responsibility to includes ensuring that the operations are in accordance to the policies and regulations set by the local authorities. She must also keep abreast with all organizational changes and business developments. In addition to all this, she also monitors the budgets and operations as a whole.

Ema is determined to ensure that Rumah Aman will achieve its vision of self-sustainability. All by adhering true to the values of Rumah Aman; providing a peaceful home for the children, developing their competencies through education support as well as uplifting the Islamic characters in the children.

Community Involvement

Apart from her main responsibilities at Rumah Aman, Ema was a former Kuala Selangor's Children Court Advisor (Penasihat Mahkamah Kuala Selangor) for juveniles and children protection cases, under the Court for Children (Mahkamah bagi Kanak-Kanak) from 2018 to 2023. Her role was to advise the Magistrate before final decisions are concluded on each case, by giving relevant insights based on her experiences in dealing with children at Rumah Aman.

Additionally, she is the Treasurer for Kuala Selangor's Children Protector Force (Bendahari Pasukan Pelindung Kanak-Kanak Kuala Selangor); a registered society under JKM (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat).

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