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We are a non-profit foundation who manages Rumah Aman Orphanage & Welfare Home for underprivileged children.


Rumah Aman means “Peaceful Home” in Malay, is an orphanage providing a caring and loving home for children that are orphaned or from very poor impoverished families. Rumah Aman provides not only a shelter, but a home and an education support program to monitor the progress of each individual child, in every aspect.

Rumah Aman (Shah Alam), was founded by Abdul Rehman Dakri and wife, Mehrunessa Dakri in 2005, originally located in Seksyen 2, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. In 2013, Rumah Aman had established a bigger home in Saujana Utama, capable of housing an estimated of 100 children.

Previously up to midyear of 2020, Rumah Aman in Shah Alam was used to house the female children and Rumah Aman in Saujana Utama for the boys; as of now, both male and female children are located in Saujana Utama. These are the immediate results from our decision to better allocate existing resources and to achieve better operating efficiency.


To provide them with a peaceful home, education support and developing their Islamic characters.

We provide a peaceful home by treating the children as our own. "once the children enters Rumah Aman, they are no longer orphans," as quoted by the founder (Abdul Rehman Dakri) himself, as they have become a part of a bigger family.

We ensure that the Home is fully equipped with the very best facilities and staff. We have libraries, computer labs, classrooms, a huge dining hall, pristine kitchen, a massive playground together with a futsal court, an indoor hall and a rooftop play area. Also, we have 8 bedrooms to ensure that the children are comfortable and not overcrowded.

We have assigned education staff and tutors to assist with the education aspect of things. From the administrative requirements to ensure that they are able to go to school (located nearby our home in Saujana Utama), to logistics, to extra-classes/tuition, and assist the children in however way they can to ensure they have the best education experience. The staff work tirelessly to ensure no children are left behind in their academics; also they play a huge role in shaping as well as nurturing the attitudes, motivation and discipline in the children.

We focus highly in the Islamic character development, as we believe that with the right balance of circular academic and religious education, these children will be better prepared once they leave the nest of Rumah Aman; in search of independence and a rewarding career.

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