Rumah Aman  which means “Peaceful Home” in Malay, is an orphanage providing a caring and loving home for children that are orphaned or from very poor or impoverished families. Mr Abdul Rehman , an entrepreneur from the UK and his wife Mrs Mehrun Dakri, founded the home in 2006 and have since dedicated themselves to the well-being of the children and the continuous growth of Rumah Aman. We currently have over 45 boys and 20 girls spread over two locations and have a devoted team that travel the length of Malaysia in search of children in need. 

Rumah Aman provides not only a shelter, but a home and schooling that is above national standards of education. Through this, Rumah Aman hopes to break the cycle of reliance and give the best opportunities to our children so they become caring global citizens.

Rumah Aman is a foundation which is a non-profit and a non-political charity organisation set up to provide assistance and support to orphans and children from the poor and destitute families and, on a case by case basis for those in need and helpless.

Presently it manages the Rumah Aman Orphanage and Welfare Home which is a registered body with the Welfare Department of Malaysia since March 2006. It operates the orphanage through donations, zakat and sadaqa lillah entrusted by public.

The amount of financial contributions and donations can be applicable for tax exemption by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

The foundation is also affiliated with Our Home : Rumah Aman, a charity organisation registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales in the year 2004. The charity number is 1102689.

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We believe that children in an orphanage should be treated no different to your own. They should live in a safe and loving environment with access to food, education and support.

The orphanage not only facilitates the deprived children but also helps the needy on a case by case basis. Helping such children is not the responsibility of one individual or organisation, each one of us is equally responsible. There are many ways we can work together to support Rumah Aman.

Provide Clothing
Mentoring a Child
Academic opportunities & life training skills
Stationery Items
Children’s Clothing
Personal Hygiene Products
Medical supplies (band-aids, gauze, tape, scissors)
Bedding (quilts, sheets, blankets, pillows)
Provide financial support and humanitarian aid
Fund Raising Events
Working on voluntarily basis etc










Our volunteers make Rumah Aman what it is.


Take a tour of Rumah Aman with this video that shows the orphanage and children homes, introduces the teachers and key people. Go to the gallery section to see more pictures and videos of our team and the children.


Our sponsors have contirbuted so much to make the lives of our children better. Please contact us if you would like to see how rewarding it is to be a part of such a fulfilling cause..